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Be The Authority

Increase visibility, Price to your value, and achieve financial growth with Sybil

Find alignment with your ideal clients without becoming overwhelmed

Not sure of what to do next with your brand to build authority with ease?

Get expertise advice, exclusive resources, and business insights from Sybil Stewart -former Global Director, brand operations consultant,

and personal brand expert. 

Get the billion dollar business strategy tailored for the woman in service to others

Sybil was tired of helping the rich get richer, so she's built an ecosystem of resources, tools and strategy that has big brand logic but small business application. 

She is passionate about making entrepreneurship accessible to women who want it. Her approach combines years of PR and Protection from big name brands, and the psychology of human connection. Her approach empowers women to step forward, and frame their brands with intention.

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Are You Ready to Be ELITE ?

Sybil works with women who need to put all of the pieces to their puzzle together.
Here are some of the ways we can partner

1.  Expertise + Passion = Brand Clarity

2. Brand Goals and Vision

3. MIssion Based Business Operations 

4. Ideal Client Attraction 

5. Value Based Pricing Models

6. Social Presence 

If you are thinking... ugh! Not another avatar exercise...
"What makes your branding process different?"
Good question!

Let's start with what we know.

Physical product branding and marketing isn't the same as personal branding, yet most brand experts try and use product based strategies and 
it doesn't work.

If you put another fidget spinner in any busy store, it will eventually sell. There is an automatic bridge in our minds that if a product is on a shelf it is worthy of dollars even if it doesn't seem to have immediate value.

The same isn't true for experts and creatives. 

Our portfolios don't appear in WalMart or Target. We can't go on Amazon for a prepackaged widget and do an "unbox" exercise.

We have to build brands differently. 

Let me share with you what most brand experts don't teach -the "Secret" of building perception!

What if I could help you solve the number one problem experts and creatives struggle with when building authority?

Do you know what holds them back?

It's the same thing that held me back in my business.

Explaining intangible outcomes. The ability to frame your messaging so that it sends a visual picture and create a powerful perception in your ideal clients mind. 

Unfortunately, most experts struggle to be clear in what they do, using language that they understand, but not words target audiences search for.

Many creatives can't seem to get systems to communicate their craft in a way that doesn't sound "abstract" or "too out there".

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As your personal branding and operations mentor, I focus on the things you shouldn't spend your time thinking about. Providing you personalized plans, brand strategy, ops. and guidance based on my 10+ year career doing
"PR and Protection" for brands we know.

Moreover, I love partnering with passionate women who are ready to take action to build lives and businesses with joy!
ready to become the authority?

Sileema | Health Care Provider

I had the pleasure of dialoging with Sybil regarding my venture of "brand building". First impressions are lasting impressions! The first thing that I observed is her receptivity to listening/hearing. She engages warmly with her intuition yet, all the while taking into account the details of the interaction then followed by suggestions on how she is able to help you build your brand. It was indeed a natural and pleasant interaction. Apparently, a skill set and expertise that she is very pronounced."

What We Do

Build a Brand You Love and One Clients Remember


Brand Audit

Get a customized comprehensive assessment and analysis of your current brand's position, consistency, and effectiveness to connect to ideal audience. This report is designed to give you a clear picture of where to start. 


Pricing Models and Strategy

Unsure of what to charge or why?

We refine your approach to pricing through value-based models. Align your brand's offering and reflect your worth to boost profitability. 


Build and Clarify

Let's get your brand "framed" and in focus. Building and clarifying your brand's message, ensuring alignment with your current needs and strategic vision to maximizing market impact and client attraction.


Content and Clients

Set your content strategy with ease using our client attraction strategies and client journey workflow. Say the right thing the first time and connect to the right audience.


Automation and Operations

Streamline your brand's operations and integrate automation solutions to enhance efficiency and ensure consistent delivery across all touchpoints. Integrate technology and optimize workflows that saves you time and money.


Monitor and Iterate

Get regular brand updates and insights. Prioritize connecting your brand and services to new clientele, assist in modifying to address changing customer needs and brand priorities.

i want an elite brand
  • Do you work with entrepreneurs that have products?
    Being a niche authority means knowing what you are remarkable in. The mentorship and coaching is designed for women who are service providers and creatives. While product owners find value in these offerings as well, the systems and methods have been curated for industry experts.
  • What is brand operations? How is it different from branding only?
    Brand operations involve managing and optimizing the systems, processes, and activities that support and enhance a brand's performance and consistency across all platforms. It includes the implementation of strategies that ensure the brand’s identity and message are conveyed through customer interactions, marketing efforts, and internal operations - bringing brand to life in a practical and effective way.
  • Who was your coach or mentor?
    Over the years, I've invested thousands of dollars in one-on-one coaching and mentoring. Each year I reserve a percentage of time and money to reinvest in my continuing education so that I can serve well.
  • What kinds of experts do you partner with?
    I've been blessed to partner with coaches, consultants, educators, other marketing experts, speakers, and authors just to name a few.
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