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What's Next?

Sybil's work helps prepare leaders to thrive on change. 

About Sybil

Sybil is an advocate and futurist whose 5-foot frame takes up space in every room.


Her warm, welcoming presence meets each audience with wit, stories, research, and music. 

As a former senior director of Diversity and HR, she's spoken to leaders in 18 countries, including the US, on embracing tension, organizational resets, and developing solid corporate cultures. She is well positioned to help leaders across all industries answer the "what's next?"

Executives call upon her for her wisdom, knowledge, and expertise on the future of work.

On the women's empowerment stage, she supports mid-career professionals navigating within and exiting the workplace.

When she is not taking the stage, Sybil can be seen at Shaw University, the oldest HBCU in North Carolina, where she is an Adjunct Professor of Economics.​​



an advocate of one

In a world driven by grand gestures of justice and "cancel" culture, it's easy to overlook the opportunities to become a champion for others within seemingly mundane acts. In this session, you will learn how becoming intentional when waiting in line can be a powerful advocacy tool. 


Join Sybil Stewart, a former Global DEI practitioner, as she unravels the connection between advocacy and the queues we cannot avoid.In this engaging session, discover why advocacy starts with getting in line and how each of us has an opportunity to become an advocate of one. We'll delve into three fundamental principles that form the backbone of becoming an advocate and how a cup of coffee can change your life.


 By the end of this session, attendees will gain a new appreciation for the hidden lessons in life's queues and leave armed with the mindset and principles to become advocates of one without the fatigue that often accompanies proactively supporting others.

be the authority

Sybil Keynote

Did you know that in the next 5 years, there will be a 68 BILLION DOLLAR transfer? Did you know women are set to be the inheritors of more than half of that wealth? We talk alot about generational wealth, now it's time to shift gears and introduce a concept that Sybil calls "Gender-rational".

With all this money on the table, women are going to have to quickly step up and learn their value, position themselves professionally and close the leadership gap.

Currently, women make up 47% of the workforce but only 24% of leadership positions are held by them. 

Is it the sticky floor or the glass ceiling? Let's find out in this session

Palmetto SHRM

what now? why now? what's next?

What does the Emperors New Clothes have to do with the future of work?


In this humorous and engaging experience, Sybil takes the audience on a different look at diversity. In fact, she will only use the word "diversity" once, yet audiences who attend say it is the "most refreshing" DEI training they have experience. 

Is it time to dump DEI? How are the six pillars of 5 genenerations, hybrind working, global markets, accessibility, and nontraditional entrants shapping work? Explore diversity with a new lens and take home actionable steps to create a cohesive workplace culture that benefits all.

No wonder she's been dubbed "the gentle voice on diversity".

The Future of Work

Partnerships we love

US Department of State
Palmetto SHRM
Greater Durham Black Chamber of Commerce
City of Cambridge
AIA Triangle
Wisconsin Nonprofit Summit
Pace University
North Carolina A T
Wake County
PA Conservation
UWM Womens Conference

University of Wisconsin - Women's Conference

"Sybil you are an amazing storyteller!
Right away you told your stories and I was hooked. You absolutely hooked us throughout the workshop! "
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