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Build a Business You Believe In

This 8 week online program is designed to get you building a mission based business with clarity and without compromising who you are

1 payment of $497

3 payments of $159

Who Is This For?

If you are in a business where you sell yourself as a service then you've come to the right place. You are a mission based entrepreneur and are struggling to connect your business to the right clients. 

This program has been specifically designed to support women of faith who desire to make a difference but can't seem to fit their business models into "business as normal" frameworks. 

The traditional "solopreneur" approach doesn't work because you know your business relationships need to be based on trust, values, and integrity.

What Is It About? 

At the core of this is teaching you to know you, all the parts of you and highlighting the skills that make you valuable to your clients and the world.

Most of us have been taught however, that if we want to succeed we need to focus on our weaknesses and toughen up. When, in reality, the opposite is true. 

In order for you to progress in your business your best chance is to align with your strengths and dig in. It is for that reason, this course goes beyond "typical sales" and helps you look at  you the person behind the business to ensure you have all of the building blocks to attract the clients you deserve and to scale sustainably.

What Will I Learn?

Over the course of the 8 weeks, you will explore and overcome blocks around business building most of which are residue from having poor interactions with other selling experiences. You will learn how choosing you first helps others to choose you as well, the basics of client journeys that don't require big email lists or large followings, and how to build systems that won't leave you burnt out from being in business. 

In Case We Haven't Met.... Yet

After almost 15 years working in Global HR, I nearly had a stroke.

Trying to keep up with "Corporate" expectations for recruiting, managing expectations with leadership teams, and revamping toxic workplace cultures left me drained and unfulfilled.

I wanted to function with integrity, but the organizations I gave my services to did not appreciate that value in me. 

Once I exited, I saw how many women just like me were exiting corporate but had little to no business experience. Despite being amazing experts, they often struggled to communicate their gifts resulting in low compensation.

This awareness prompted me to help other women during the transition from out of the 9-5. Most programs created barriers, and I wanted to help make the shift as smooth as possible. [No leaps here!]

Each session I found myself saying, once you choose you, you must start teaching others to choose you as well, and thus this experience emerged.


Over the past few years, I've helped dozens of women who are faith based and mission minded to start ethically based business, communicate their value, and earn their worth and I'd love your permission to do the same for you! 

What You Get When You Join

8 self paced modules delivered in an online learning platform

Module 1: Consumer to CEO

Designed to introduce you to the CEO experience. In this section we will uncover ways to shift from consumer to producer, develop your CEO promise, learn about decision trees and how you will naturally support your business, goal setting and brand protection.

Modules 2 - 4: The 3 "KNOWs" to Get to Yes

This is the heart of the experience. The Three Knows are what take most business owners time. I'll help you uncover things such as "do I need a niche?", understanding your USP, and how to understand pricing models based on your vision for you and your business venture. Understanding money is key to planning and setting metrics to pay yourself first.

Module 5: Building Intentional Client Journeys

Learn key components of client journeys. See the tools that I use, resources that will help you identify the best journeys for your business and adapt them to your needs. This is not about carbon copying my model, but learning how to plan for your needs and the expectations of your clients when they work with you.

Modules 6 and 7: Overcoming Sales Fears 

The heart of sales is core to any business. Without sales you aren't a CEO you are providing community service. Learn the art of "selling with love", how to have empowering conversations and why the "always be closing" process isn't the best method. You will learn, develop and understand your unique selling voice and get actionable steps that leave you wishing you had done this sooner.


Module 8: Systematize and Professionalize

You've sold your first (or more) services! Now it is decision day. We will look at fundamentals of scaling and walk through my 7 Steps process to growing a business without experiencing burnout. I'll share practical measure you can use to identify when to hire and who. You will leave this module knowing that you have all of the steps required to build a transformational business in alignment with who you are.

You Will Also Get

What To Expect

Once you enroll, you will gain instant access to week one information.
Each week after, you will be provided session information, worksheets and bonus content. 

Set an intention that this course will pay for itself when you apply the information to your mission forward business/organization.

Two Pens on Notebook

My Promise To You

If at the end of the 8 week cycle, you do not have clarity of your "knows" and understanding of how to reach your ideal client, I will provide you a complimentary :90 minute 1 on 1 with me. 

1 payment of $497

3 payments of $159


How much time does this take?

Each course module is betwen 75 - 90 minutes, not including the worksheets and application time. 
Plan to invest 2 hours weekly to your business strategy.

My Promise To You

If at the end of the 8 week cycle, you do not have clarity of your "knows" and understanding of how to reach your ideal client, I will provide you a complimentary :90 minute 1 on 1 with me. 

1 payment of $497

3 payments of $159

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