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What's In The Direction You Are Facing?

By now it is no secret. I've branded (and rebranded) myself a time - or two... But so have you.

Over the years, I've been called HR, DEI Leader, Trainer, Professor, now Coach/Consultant and Female Founder.

Though the titles changed the greatest transition happened when I began solely focusing on one thing.

Interestingly enough, I hadn't changed. What I came to realize is I had been changing for everyone else around me. Conforming to titles assigned. Showing up when told.

The moment I realized that titles didn't matter. It also didn't matter what people called me, but what I answered to. [I guess the elders had that one correct.]

And guess what happened when I stopped changing? THE FIRST THING that switched after the self talk was the quality of communication to everyone else. All of the sudden what felt like a rocky transition suddenly became smooth.

No longer did explanations accompany my presentation. They knew, and I knew it too.

Together we realized how powerful I am.

The shift had been made.

New contacts, new brand, new opportunities with a runway as far as the eye could see.

All because of this one change.

Today. Let's talk about why personal branding is the key to unlocking infinity amounts of business for you..

How To Start Thinking Differently About Personal Branding

Ask yourself: Are you running away from something or towards a new goal.

The goal here is to assess the things you love about your reputation and the skills that will connect you to your ideal audience.

Your reputation exists for a reason and it is up to you to decide what parts of it matter most for your future. What aspects of it do you value and want to preserve?

Just because you are used to doing something doesn't mean it's the right something. If you are like me, then you've been doing the same thing but it needs a fresh lens. It’s easy to fall into the trap of doing what’s familiar. Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone in how you think but stay within your comfort zone with how you serve. Explore new ways of presenting yourself. This might mean adopting new strategies, learning new skills, or even redefining your core message.

Now that you've done that ask yourself

What new opportunities can you see? How can you reinvent yourself in a way that feels authentic and exciting? Sometimes, this means taking risks and experimenting with new ideas.

Discover what makes you unique and you will unlock the key to a powerful brand that withstands the test of time, changing markets, recessions and inflation.

It doesn't matter if you never charged those kinds of prices before.

If you feel resistance know it's not right.

Offering anything to sell is the quickest way to burnout. Almost certainly, you did that in another past life. When you were trading time for money in a job that didn't fulfill. Certainly you didn't start a business to live like an employee. Listen to these signals—they are telling you that it’s time to reassess and make necessary adjustments. Your gut is right 100% of the time, trust it.

When you begin focusing on creating offerings that truly resonate with your values and expertise while providing an amazing client experience instead of trying to sell anything just to make a profit, you will position yourself to attracts clients who are aligned with your vision.

For some time, I had no webinars, no masterclasses and little desire to get out there and help my existing client base. The tank was empty and I was out of ideas.

Sure my business went on and continued to stay open, but it wasn't growing. I was still resisting where I was being lead because of fear. What if's swarmed my mind. What if they won't accept me. What if my price is "too high"? What if no one buys?

What if they saw all my brand changes...

Worse than the what if's was the lack of motivation.

Personally, it's hard to get out of bed to do something that doesn't feel good. Especially knowing I didn't charge enough.

Taking some intentional time to figure out why I felt conflicted meant slowing down.

Which is something most women in business avoid at all costs.

These are the hidden costs of running a business that most people don't talk about.

But this last edit made all the difference. Rebranding after 40, meant that I was no longer running away from my past, but embracing it and allowing it to shape how I do the work I do.

Now, people call me! My name is being spoken in rooms I never considered entering.

The best part they already know what I need them to say about me. The deals are being done and I never had to sell anything.

Want the secret to branding as you after 40? Check out my video by clicking on the link.

Wrapping up

What I've come to realize throughout this process is personal branding is not a one-time task but an ongoing process.

Be open to evolving and adapting as you grow and as your market changes. Regularly revisit and reassess your brand to ensure it remains relevant and impactful.

Your brand doesn't suck, it just needs a small tweak. Changing some things doesn't mean changing who you are.

It's everything you are saying, but chances are you don't realize what you are saying...yet.

You know what you are called to do, and how you are supposed to do it, but just in case you need a little nudge.

Let's connect!

About Sybil

Sybil Stewart is a female founder, and owner of ONEx Brand Agency. The mission. Make entrepreneurship accessible and sustainable for 1 million women in professional service industries. She is a TEDx organizer, Keynote Speaker, and Strategist.

Accolades are great, but what is greater is the advocacy that happens when another woman keeps her business open and the next generation is positioned like never before.

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