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Pitch Pyramid Part 3: Why the best story wins

Almost a year ago, I embarked on my quest to redefine professional. I had to! I knew I was not going back into corporate America. I also knew I wanted my 15 years of expertise to be used in service to others. The challenge: Who would I serve and how? I had been known for being in HR, DEI, and, of course, the dumping ground for all ideas that needed help, but that wasn't enough for me. I wanted to do more. I had to figure out who would benefit most from my services. To figure that out, I had to:

  • Learn what people were saying about me and,

  • Get clear on why I worked the way I do

This brings us to the last step, Step 3 in the Pitch Pyramid.

Step 3: Know WHO benefits THE MOST from HOW you do what you do Who benefited most from my expertise? Job seekers of course. I had spent the first part of my career as a recruiter, and the second half as an advocate for people looking for jobs. After sitting through thousands of interviews AND reviewing several thousands of applications, resumes, cover letters, and profiles, I got a pretty clear idea of what organizations large and small look for in candidates. Want to hear something that no one else will tell you???

It didn't matter how qualified someone was 😱😱😱

AND often the most qualified person DIDN'T GET THE JOB! The person who got the job was the person willing to tell the best story! The applicant who had perfected their pitch.

They knew 1. What people thought about them (and made sure it aligned with what they wanted to be known for) 2. Why they work the way they do, and 3. Who would be best served by them (even if they were average workers) Sprinkle a little extra humble bragging and they got hired EVERY SINGLE TIME!

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