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Pitch Pyramid 101

Updated: Sep 5

Intro to Pitch Pyramids

We all know sales people "pitch". Well, I've got news for you. We are all in sales.

YEP! Even you. Whether you realize it or not, you are sharing your personal pitch every time someone asks you "What is it that you do again?" or "Tell me about yourself."

Don't believe me??? Check out this book To Sell Is Human

But what if...

You've never sat down to ask yourself how to answer in a meaningful way. Generating a response that ignites a conversation. That means you miss out on the opportunities to connect with every person you interact with. And that's no good especially if it's your first impression.

There are 3 steps to crafting a personal PITCH PYRAMID that has proved effective throughout my career. I used this formula EVERY TIME and got amazing results...

And today, I am sharing step 1 of 3 with you.

Why is this so effective?

Because it puts you in the driver's seat of the dialogue and ensures that you get to communicate what you do, why you do it, and how you serve.

Because it tells not sells what your value is, and

Because it leaves the door open for you to shape your reputation. EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NO LONGER IN THE ROOM.

Step 1: Know what "THEY" say about you

Why does this matter?

  • We often believe how we serve is what people get, and that's not always true

  • It can help you get clarity on areas to upskill

  • People are unlikely to focus on what you want to do if they are used to what you always do

If you don't know what you are known for, then you will never be able to change and control the narrative

So start there. Ask questions from those who know you and keep a record of what they say. Some thoughtful conversation starters might be

  • What is it that you know you can trust me with? Why?

  • If you could call on me to do any one task what is it?

  • What 3 or 4 words come to mind when you think about me?

Engage with people who know you personally and professionally. Thank them for their time and see if you can come up with a theme.

Stay tuned for Step 2 in next weeks news!!!!

Note: I receive a small commission from Amazon affiliate program for each point of sale.

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