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Anniversary Edition: Part 1

Today I celebrate not only 1 year of being in business but also my milestone birthday.

Because I am known for being an #educator, this post will reflect what I learned.

In fact, there were 27 lessons, though I will only post 9 here today, that were revealed to me these last 365 days. Therefore this is happening in a three part series because #educator, #advocate, #speakers need to say and do all the thing. It just makes sense to get them all out so ENJOY!

  1. Don't live in the confines of other people's comfort zone.

When stepping out to start a new anything business, career path, etc. people will project their fears on you. If you feel boxed in, it's because you are. Break free, and UNTETHER from their expectations and decide what comfort looks like for you.

2. If it's forced, then it's fear, not faith.

I pushed hard, worked hard for years, and that was before starting my business. It was driven out of fear, not faith, that I continued. I took that same "work ethic" and nearly failed my business and myself because that wasn't the right solution. I took what I thought I was supposed to do and tried to fit the round peg in the square hole. It was not until a big step back that I realized my mistakes were because I was functioning in fear and not faith.

3. Know your "one story that changed everything".

Most of us don't pause to figure out what our strengths are. We move because we have to, because it's the "Safe" thing to do. When you understand your origin story, how you get things done, and why people ask you for particular insights, it's the clarity that will help you connect to why you do things the way you do, which is powerful.

4. Most people quit working after 4 hours each day, focus on hour 5 not hour 45 and you can achieve amazing things!

Science says, and so does the survey, that most people who "work" 8 hours a day spend more than 4 hours working, and 1.5 hours are spent checking the average 100 emails that we are bombarded with daily. If you want to get ahead, focus on hour 5, most people have checked out or clocked out by then.

5. People forget your mistakes almost as quickly as you do.

I made ALL THE MISTAKES. Never having to do true social media, I followed the advice of those who had visible profiles. So that meant all of my mistakes were equally as public. But! what I learned is this. I was my harshest critic, and most people don't remember the faux pas moments - in fact, I got regular affirmation for people telling me how courageous I am for putting myself out there. And that's pretty cool. Once I let go and forgot, so did everyone else.

6. Evolve every 18 months, you are not the same person you were yesterday or last year.

It doesn't matter if you are an entrepreneur or a job seeker, if you are not evolving who you are, your personal brand or your offerings then you need to keep up with the market. We are growing faster as a society than ever before; therefore, you must be able to adapt, morph, and change or you will be left behind. Most people only stay on a job 18 months to 3 years before moving to their next. That means one year in, they are planning an exit strategy.

7. Don't be afraid to work in your comfort zone; it's where 90% of productivity happens. Develop new skills outside your comfort zone, it's where 90% of growth happens.

Pushing out your comfort zone is a healthy practice, don't expect to be productive. There were skills I thought were undeveloped that were outside my comfort zone, until I tried 90% of how we function "in flow" happens naturally within our comforts, it is okay to lean into your strengths; it's why they exist. Once you reach productivity, shift and learn something new. Find a balance between your "you can" and your "you tried" moments.

8. See time as the limited commodity that it is. Plan each day like you are going on vacation the next, and you will get a lot done.

What are your time wasters? Is it scrolling? Retaking a perfect selfie? Candy crush? Imagine if you were accountable to yourself every 10 minutes. What would your daily time audit look like?

9. Convincing yourself that "you can" will be the hardest sell you make in life.

The working world sends messages that we need to be more. We encounter supervisors who ensure we only function within how they believe we should, and we check our skills, innovation, and imagination at the door. Often, this leaves us wondering if we can do much else. It's where I was. I thought I knew what my gifts were, and though I had insight, they were far more significant than I could have imagined. I only had to convince myself that they were okay to use, and it ignited a fire in me that I thought burned out.

Daily, my mantra is "I've got this because God's got me." It's my I can statement.

What is your I CAN DO statement?

If you don't know me by now, I am Sybil Stewart. #Educator, #Speaker, #Advocate.

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