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We live in a world that often demands our all, where the noise of expectations and obligations can drown out the whispers of our desires and needs.


When we are backed into a corner we realize we must gather our strength, reflect on our journey, and embrace the power of our voice.

But! Here's the thing.

For many of us, we don't know what we sound like. We conform and adapt to what "normal" living is.

Letting others define our work and our worth. Hopeful that one day "they" will see...

What I learned is that:

  • Setting boundaries is an act of self-preservation. A testament to your self-worth. It is not selfish.

  • Caring for your mental well-being is restorative, as your mind is your most precious asset. Nurture it.

  • Not everything needs to be perfect – aiming for progress over perfection is a mark of wisdom. It's okay to seek equilibrium every day.

  • Advocating for yourself is appropriate – in life, work, and when you know you've done enough.


The notion that we must sacrifice ourselves to build a legacy is a narrative I no longer embrace.


Navigating the road to greatness also means protecting mental well-being, setting boundaries, honoring family obligations, and excelling in the workplace.  

You carry the legacies of those who came before you, and at times, the weight of inspiring future generations can feel heavy. But this journey need not be done alone. You deserve support just as much as you offer it. Honoring yourself along the way is not a deviation from building a legacy; it is an essential part.

You get to be excellent, strong, courageous, and bold. 


Let your legacy not only be one of breaking glass ceilings but also one of balance, self-care, and pursuing your dreams.

You got this! 

Sybil Stewart | Advocate | Speaker | CEO

Welcome to the place where you become the CEO of your life.

I've been told my ideas are "too big" and that I am "not the right person for the job", and it "doesn't matter" what I want to do.  Then there are those who made big promises that went nowhere.


That's not the kind of life I live, and since you are here, I know neither do you. It's why I embarked on this incredible faith-filled mission to redefine professional one amazing story at a time. 


If you are like me then you've probably spent money on: 


  • networking events but can't seem to figure out why you aren't meeting the right people (it's because you are in the wrong room)

  •  big-name coaches that charge thousands of dollars and give little results and now you are weary of anything that sounds "too good to be true"

  • hiring a fantastic resume writer but they didn't get to the psychology of how you do what you do, why, and they never asked about your story or superpower


You give up and start trying it all yourself because that's what you were taught to do... but you know something is missing.


The truth is, we aren't meant to do this thing called life alone, but that doesn't mean we always know where to look for help.


When we work together, I want to help you protect your dreams, mental health, and legacy.


Let's prepare you to share your story with the world!! It needs it! 

During Our Time Together, We'll Go Over...

  • What your skillset and experiences are 

  • What you really want to do and where you are stuck 

  • The one story that changed everything 

  • How you do what you do (and why you do it that way)

  • and! what you want your legacy to be

Don't think this will work????

See what other women like you are saying about their strategy session


“In order to step out and be truly empowered, as part of one's "healing journey" one needs to understand one's own story, make peace with it and then tell it. Sybil has a wonderfully soulful, compassionate way of helping women do that. Thank you for your wonderful work, the world needs healers like you..."

Ingrid | Sydney Australia


Sybil Stewart | Keynote Speaker | Advocate | CEO

Get to Know Us

Who is this for?

  • Women who are ready to build their future

  • Those who struggle to communicate their value

  • Women who understand there is life outside of work

  • Ladies who know there is no such thing as "self made" we are stronger together

  • Caregivers who need to regain balance between family, work, and life

  • Experts who feel stuck because their professional outlook doesn't match who they are

Women who are ready to untether from other people's expectations and REDEFINE PROFESSIONAL!

Life should be easy or simple, anything else is unacceptable


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