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Sybil is an advocate and educator who's 5 foot frame takes up space in every room.


With her warm welcoming presence, she meets each audience with wit, stories, research and music. 

While her first love is music, she found her voice in supporting diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives across the globe. As a former Sr. Director of Diversity, she's spoken to leaders in 18 countries including the US on cultural competency, compassionate communication and employee experience.

Executives call upon her for her wisdom, knowledge and expertise on the future of work.

On the women's empowerment stage, she supports mid-career professionals navigating the workplace.

When she is not taking the stage Sybil can be seen at Shaw University, the oldest HBCU in North Carolina where she is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Business and Professional Studies.

Additionally, she is a board member for Haven House Services, and an Image Consultant for Dress for Success. 

Signature Talks




Each day we engage in the ARC of agreements. To become an advocate of one, you must be willing to create new agreements with yourself and others.
What is the agreement ARC?
Accepting | Reinforcing |Challenging
In this talk I will share with you my experience of standing in line, and why I believe the future of advocacy is not going to be built on grand movements, but rather in small moments when we are in line and are presented with the opportunity to be an advocate of one. 

In a world that often celebrates resilience as a badge of honor, have you ever found yourself wondering about the hidden costs of being "so resilient"? Through thought-provoking discussions and real-life anecdotes, this session uncovers the journey between being hailed as resilient and feeling the fatigue that often accompanies it. Somewhere between the applause for endurance and the recognition of needing a break, many of us stand at the precipice of exhaustion. Let's connect on how to contribute to a culture that values not only the strength to endure but also the wisdom to recharge.

Learn how to make your "yes" and "no" non-negotiable.

Fueled by ambition and a determination to outgrow their professional comfort zones, leading ladies are on a mission. Unlike our male counterparts, they're not just climbing the corporate ladder; they're swinging from one challenging opportunity to another, turning setbacks into comebacks with style.
This session is for every woman who knows the C-Suite and Tech industry shouldn't be a boys club.
It's not just talking about a career move; 

it's an opportunity to redefine professional!

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