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  • Do you work with entrepreneurs that have products?
    Being a niche authority means knowing what you are remarkable in. The mentorship and coaching is designed for women who are service providers and creatives. While product owners find value in these offerings as well, the systems and methods have been curated for industry experts.
  • What is brand operations? How is it different from branding only?
    Brand operations involve managing and optimizing the systems, processes, and activities that support and enhance a brand's performance and consistency across all platforms. It includes the implementation of strategies that ensure the brand’s identity and message are conveyed through customer interactions, marketing efforts, and internal operations - bringing brand to life in a practical and effective way.
  • Who was your coach or mentor?
    Over the years, I've invested thousands of dollars in one-on-one coaching and mentoring. Each year I reserve a percentage of time and money to reinvest in my continuing education so that I can serve well.
  • What kinds of experts do you partner with?
    I've been blessed to partner with coaches, consultants, educators, other marketing experts, speakers, and authors just to name a few.
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