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What if you had a blueprint that showed you how to navigate a
business pivot without losing clients, consistency or credibility?

Each one of the 4 Phases of the QUEEN'S GAMBIT BRAND STRATEGY is designed 
to turn the frustrated expert into an unstoppable female founder.

For women serious about elevating their image and income.

Your next step to rival the competition is POSITIONING.

You need to REPACKAGE your expertise to cement yourself as the authority.

This content has been carefully curated to assist you with doing that.


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Get $2997 of Never Released Brand Strategy

Content for an Unbelievable Price of $197


When you build a brand with authority you can:

  • Craft a cohesive identity that reflects who you are today and not who others expect you to be

  • Identify new markets with ease and connect with stakeholders that  understand what you do, how you do it, and why no one is better than you

  • Achieve consistency across platforms to systematize and strategically differentiate yourself from other "experts" through a more compelling and aligned message

You can achieve remarkable results without:

  • Feeling overwhelmed about how to position yourself in a crowded market

  • Devoting more time on a brand message | business model that doesn't highlight who you are and how you inspire others

  • Getting stuck on what your unique value is to the world and losing the essence of who you are

Chanaye J.

 "After getting educated on branding, I am getting better and being [at] being clearer to both myself and to others about the value that I bring."

Meghan G.

"Resourceful, reliable and on point - yet flexible. You can't go wrong with Sybil."

Crystal F.

“Before this, I was struggling with my messaging. After working on my brand I now feel so aligned with how I describe my work. If you are struggling to nail down your messaging I highly recommend this experience.”

Take a closer look

Value $999.00

  • Experts Guide to Skills Assessment: Identify your expertise in new ways. Differentiation is possible without going back to school.

  • The Three Parts of You: Build your Brand and Protect your Privacy 
    You give enough, understand how to shield your life and grow your business


  • Message Reprogramming Script: Unlock the secret to having others talk about you in the way you want even when you are not in the room

Value $727.00

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  • Uncover your Brand Archetype: Choose your words, pricing strategy and business model based on your archetype and those of your clients

  • Build the message framework that scales: Discover your shared values between you and your dream clients and craft messaging that connects

  • Two weeks to clarity: Spend less time with writers block and start developing content that your viewers and you care about

Value $774.00

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  • Develop your brand message: With a proven framework that allows for you to rebrand or level up your messaging

  • Align your core offering: Have greater influence with those who need you and your services

  • Position yourself without compromising who you are: Flesh out what matters most to your customers and creating a collection of reusable content that can be used on any platform

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Believable Branding.png
Believable Branding (3).png

Value $497.00

  • Discover your brand voice: Engage the 5 senses of your audiences and create a magnetic presence

  • Make your mark: Build consistency in how you share, what you share and when you share information as you build momentum in your business

  • Position strategically: Deliver engaging content that sets the stage to create brand loyalty and repeat business

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18 -Month

While there is no such thing as a perfect planner, this one comes pretty close.

18 month business, content and project management laid out for you to maximize efficiency and build systems that work with you and for you.

"Branding isn't about being seen, it's about being known."
What do you want to be known for?

Sybil Stewart

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